Bryan Reece

Assistant Professor
Department of Philosophy
Baylor University
Morrison Hall
Waco, TX 76798
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University of Toronto, Philosophy


Harvard University, Center for Hellenic Studies
University of Chicago, Philosophy

Courses taught

Action, Freedom, and Responsibility
Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy
Aristotle’s Ethics
Honors Introduction to Philosophy
Human Nature
The Rationalists

My current research focuses primarily on Aristotle and debates in Ethics, Metaphysics, and Philosophy of Action that his work has inspired.

Aristotelian Ontological Priority and Metaphysical Grounding. Under contract with Cambridge University Press.
Aristotle on Happiness, Virtue, and Wisdom. Cambridge University Press (2023).
Theophrastus on Intellect. Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy (forthcoming).
Aristotle on Divine and Human Contemplation. Ergo: An Open Access Journal of Philosophy 7.4 (2020): 131–160.
Aristotle’s Four Causes of Action. Australasian Journal of Philosophy 97.2 (2019): 213–227.
Out of Thin Air? Diogenes on Causal Explanation. In Heat, Pneuma, and Soul in Ancient Philosophy and Science, eds. H. Bartoš and C. King, Cambridge University Press (2020): 106–120.
Aristotle on Shame and Learning to Be Good, by Marta Jimenez. Australasian Journal of Philosophy 102.1 (2024): 246–247.
The Undivided Self: Aristotle on the ‘Mind-Body’ Problem, by David Charles. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (2022).